After the loosening of the four major medical regulations, 2022 can be said to be a new start of medical digitalization in Taiwan. Under the tandem of Taiwan's strong scientific and technological capabilities, the "future hospital" will integrate software, hardware, data, and services, which will not only greatly improve service quality, but also begin to "decentralize" the entire medical practice. This will not only benefit the public, but in the future, hospitals will also be able to join hands with technology factories to expand the international market.


There is a big contribution of AI to the global medical industry. In 2025, the application of medical big data in electronic medical records and imaging diagnosis alone can save 28 billion US dollars a year. For the global problems of rising medical costs and equal rights to medical treatment, digital medical treatment is indeed the solution one.


In the future, medical care will be an ecosystem that integrates software, hardware, and services, including wearable devices, apps, data, AI, and robots etc. The well-funded technology industry has the best chance to become a master of the ecosystem. Oriact Taiwan has launched the EUCARE APP, a full range telemedicine APP using Mandarin served by Taiwan Physician. Coordinating with specialist physician of medical institutions, and over 2000 pharmacies, EUCARE provides 24-hour emergency consultation, multi-party consultation, specialist outpatient service, psychological consultation, drug consultation and other services. It is the first in Taiwan to assist the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and the Overseas Community Affairs Council providing a telemedicine platform for global Mandarin speaking people to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.


In the past two years, Taiwan's major technology companies have also actively cooperated with hospitals. As far as the market size is concerned, Taiwan's technology factories and hospitals have joined hands, and the ultimate goal is to go overseas. Taiwan has the advantage to go into the ASEAN market.


In the future, EUCARE APP is not only for Taiwan itself, but a global application for all Mandarin speaker all over the world.