Established in 2012, Oriact Taiwan introduces fast and accurate POCT equipment - AQT 90, bronchial magnetic navigation system, gene sequencing precision detection, committing to providing fast, effective and accurate medical products, and creating patient-centered medical services.Oriact Taiwan has also expanded its service area to digital telemedicine. In 2019, it launched the EUCARE APP, which provides 24-hour emergency consultation, multi-party consultation, specialist outpatient service, psychological consultation, drug consultation and other services. It is the first in Taiwan to assist the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and the Overseas Community Affairs Council providing a telemedicine platform for Chinese and overseas Chinese to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.Our Grand Care Clinic focuses on creating all-round and personalized medical services, providing anti-aging care and precision preventive medicine services. At the same time, it combines the EUCARE APP to serve patients who need telemedicine, and integrates all medical resources online patients' needs.Oriact stands for our entrepreneurial spirit: Ori means repetition and fulfillment, and Act means our action force with full energy. The wings of the butterfly above the logo hope that we could influence the future development of the industry like a butterfly effect.


Continue to promote innovative products for diagnosis and treatment
Assist driving improvements in healthcare processes
Establish an efficient professional medical access platform and integrate medical resources