What is POCT?

What is POCT?

POCT Development

Today no matter patients or medical staff pay more and more attention to the speed and convenience of medical needs. In the past, rapid diagnostic test was needed to consider accuracy. However in the light of the development of technology, in recent years has grown more and more fast and accurate point of care testing (POCT).

After studying, such rapid, small volume, convenient operation of point of care testing (POCT) confirmed that POCT can significantly advance to improve clinical outcomes. Also POCT is in higher growing trend in testing market.


What is POCT?

Point of care testing (POCT) refers to bedside testing conducted outside the lab, further defined in the ISO 22870:

POCT is a testing at or near the patient's bedside, and can get the results within minutes. Patient care may be altered by the results.

POCT is usually operated by non-medical lab scientist but medical staff. The operator (for example: doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, etc.) can operate POCT after training. Accuracy, calibration, and quality control of POCT can be evaluated and managed by laboratory. Currently POCT is used by ER, ICU or other research laboratory.


The common test items of POCT:

 Blood Glucose Test

 Urine Test

 Pregnant Test

 Stool Occult Blood test

 Blood Gas and Electrolyte Monitoring

 Cardiac Markers Test

 Infection Disease Test

 Blood Coagulation Test


POCT Execution

There are several reasons to promote POCT,

• Improve the quality of medical care for both doctors and patients –

  To shorten waiting time for patient, increase consultation time for physicians, accelerate triage to reduce load of medical staff, reduce time of report.

• Improve medical effect –

   Reduce TAT, increase severe patient in emergency occupancy rate, increase admission rate of severe (increase hospital revenue from admission)

• Human resources consideration –

   POCT is simple in operation, and can be operated by nurses. It reduces laboratory manpower and time pressure in few emergency tests.



The key success factors of POCT Execution

• Cost and Effect of POCT should be evaluated by whole hospital, rather than by single department.

• Assignment and training of POCT operator

• POCT quality management specification in each hospitals and the reasonable cost

• Establish POCT management team in each hospital, including hospital administrators, physicians, lab scientists, nurses, planning specialists, purchasing specialists, IT, etc.